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Parts list

Part No. Description Condition Quantity RFQ
ЭРД-3ВМ сер 2 Electronic engine control unit NA 5 Send RFQ
ЭПВ-150МТ 2 сер. Electric actuator NA 7 Send RFQ
П-503Б3 Aviation tape recorder NA 2 Send RFQ
НШ39М Pump unloading NA 2 Send RFQ
МП-95 Accelerometer NA 12 Send RFQ
ЛФСМ 27-450-5 Aircraft floodlight lamp NA 7 Send RFQ
КОЧ-1А-2 сер. Frequency cutoff box NA 5 Send RFQ
ДГ-64М Lock NA 4 Send RFQ
ГА-8 Gyro-unit NA 3 Send RFQ
ГА77В Automatic relief NA 5 Send RFQ
ГА77Б Automatic relief NA 2 Send RFQ
АК-50Т1 сер.3 Compressor NA 1 Send RFQ
АИ-9В Auxiliary power unit NA 1 Send RFQ
TB3-117ВМA Engine NA 1 Send RFQ
TB3-117ВМ Engine NA 3 Send RFQ
TB3-117BM сер.02 Engine NA 3 Send RFQ
TB3-117BMA сер.02 Engine NA 2 Send RFQ
KT97-310 (KT97-220-2) Wheel for the rire of 865*280 size NA 2 Send RFQ
KT97-310 (KT97-220-1) Wheel for the rire of 865*280 size NA 3 Send RFQ
HP-3BM-T Geared pump NA 1 Send RFQ
BP-14 Main gear box NA 3 Send RFQ
8АТ-2710-00 Main rotor blades NA 2 Send RFQ
8А-1515-000 Intermediate gearbox NA 2 Send RFQ
8AT-9907-00 Hydraulic jack NA 8 Send RFQ
8AT-7411 Static discharge cable NA 6 Send RFQ
8AMT-6820-500-01 Cowling assembley NA 2 Send RFQ
8A-4201-00A Levered nose landing gear shock strut NA 2 Send RFQ
8A-1516-000 Tail rotor drive shaft NA 2 Send RFQ
8-1950-000 Swashplate NA 4 Send RFQ
8-1930-000 сер. 02 Main rotor hub NA 1 Send RFQ
720х320 мод.3А Tires NA 36 Send RFQ
56-1400-00 Main rotor brake NA 4 Send RFQ
480х200 мод.14А Tires NA 36 Send RFQ
246-6820-40-02 Left dust protector section NA 4 Send RFQ
246-6820-40-01 Right dust protector section NA 3 Send RFQ
246-3925-00 Antitorque rotor blades NA 4 Send RFQ
246-3904-000 сер.01 Anti-torque rotor NA 6 Send RFQ
246-1517-000 Tail gear box NA 4 Send RFQ